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AHH provides relevant skills for Special Ed students.

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AHH has devised a powerful learning system, which enables students to master tools in  key areas. Progress requires each student working in small achievable steps. Powerful learning is achieved when there is collaboration, persistence, positive language and a positive rewards system. This is supported by evaluation and assessment.

AHH's 9 Step plan

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Self - Regulation

Teaching students strategies to regulate their ‘engine’, to identify ‘triggers’. Developing self- awareness.


Teaching skills by repetition and routine and reinforcing.  Organisation and responsibility.  Positive language and positive rewards.

Self worth

Positive language and acceptance supports confident students. Forming connections and relationships is essential for long term self esteem.

Earning a living

Encouraging students to explore their talents to help them seek opportunities in the community. Teaching skills to support them find paid work and the persistence/resilience to keep a job.


Students can put themselves in unsafe situations. AHH teaches skills to create awareness and avoid accidents. This extends to bullying and teaching what abuse is.

Self -advocacy

Teaching the student their own diagnosis helps them to understand how they feel. Students can better inform others about how to help.


Teaching students to ‘use their words’ or to make simple requests with gestures or sign language can be taught. Communication creates connection.

Sensory Integration

By improving sensory processing students can understand when they might be  hungry or needing the toilet, with prompts and apps this can be taught.

Pursuing interests

Following passionsand doing things ‘for fun’ is a key area related to self worth. Often interests and abilities can develop into job skills and opportunities.