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Is AHH lifeskills for me?

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AHH teaches important life-skills which are practical, relevant and engaging.
AHH teaches lifeskills at home, school and in the community.
Our program makes students more independent, confident,resilient, and able self-regulate to changing circumstances and events.
AHH uses effective behavioural management strategies including ABA therapy.

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 Learning vital social skills and life skills is FUN with AHH Lifeskills.

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AHH lifeskills – How it works for you

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Step 1
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We meet parents/guardians to discuss specific and immediate needs and how our program can work for you and your family.

Step 2
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We write a life skills program with achievable targets. These targets are assessed at regular intervals to monitor and record progress.

Step 3
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After each AHH lesson the teacher will write and send feedback. Your child will be given opportunities to transfer their life-skills in the real world and are encouraged to practiced newly acquired AHH lifeskills in home.